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Achieve your goals 

with the nourishment of real food

Meet Rosa

While studying a masters degree in pharmacy I learned how closely nutrition is related to health and wellbeing, how many ailments are the result of a poor diet and realised we can avoid these with a healthy lifestyle. I followed my pharmaceutical studies by enrolling at Universidad San Pablo Ceu and graduating in 2010 as a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Having worked for the past 3 years in the pharmaceutical fields I decided to follow the same path I took with my studies and apply the knowledge of how the food and substances we ingest affects us right down to a cellular level.

I began writing a blog with some recipes and nutritional information. Along the way, I meet some influential Spanish chefs to help create the best recipes bringing together the best flavors and the optimal nutritional benefits.

We are excited to spread the word and empower people with the knowledge to make healthy choices and form life-changing habits.

Today is world mental health day. #world

Simple nutritious recipes that you can make under 30 minutes.

Plenty of quick, tasty salads and soups to leave you feeling nourished. 


Healthy batch cooking recipes ideas that you will be able to keep in the fridge for the whole weekdays.


Pregnant Belly


  • Pre+ Post Natal Support 

  • Pre-conception advice for men and women

  • Healthy eating in pregnancy

  • Nutrition-related problems in pregnancy

  • Food safety during pregnancy​

  • Managing nutrition in the first trimester: nausea, vomiting, and poor appetite

  • Nutrition through all 3 trimesters: vitamin and mineral recommendations

  • Fluid requirements throughout pregnancy

  • Managing healthy weight gain in pregnancy and weight loss after delivery

  • Managing food cravings and aversions.

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