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About Rosa



After my degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, I decided to specialize in nutrition during and after pregnancy. 

Making sure babies have the right mix of nutrients in the first 1000 days also helps them to better resist infections and allows their growing brains and bodies to realise their full developmental potential. Naturally, good nutrition remains important across our lives.


Pregnancy is an exciting time and a special journey to producing a new life. It is also a time when what you eat and drink becomes more important as you are providing two people - yourself and your growing baby - with the nutrition required every day 

Nutrition is a powerful determinant of perinatal health and one that is increasingly recognized to have further reaching effects than previously understood. It is well known that healthy nutrition during the pregnancy can prevent birth defects in the neonate. New research suggests that pregnancy nutrition may also modulate the risk of chronic disease in later life. Proper nutrition and weight gain during pregnancy also have maternal benefits including lowered risks of pregnancy-related disorders

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